embedded marketing and advertising for every video with the click of a button
Imagine you are watching streaming television and suddenly you see that product on the screen that you always wanted to have. Just simply click pause and find the information instantly. [demo below]
With the product tag, an x/y marker on the screen that can connect to everything, we are able to supply the information of that product. We place markers on top of the program the viewer is watching and when the viewer clicks the pause button the markers become visible and can be clicked. Once clicked more information becomes available, the product itself of course but as well products that are similar, the brand a short description and most importantly the website and link where the product can be bought. To increase the conversation rate, we added the ‘add to favorites’ option that allows each user to create a complete list of all the products they like to remember.
Of course we know that not every program is suitable to place product tags inside so we created the time banner. A simple banner system that is connected to the program time. Basically it means that you can place a banner each other second in the program connect to the content at that time in the program. The thing is, we upgraded it a bit as well. It does not need to be an image it can even be a video op top and that video can even have a transparent layer. This completely unlimited the creativity. Especially since they can be full-player-screen. Just imagine the possibilities with a green-screen promotional clip on top of the video that is paused.

a few of the unlimited banner posibilities
Have you ever watched TV and then you see that actor in the background, who is that again. You take your second screen (tablet, phone or laptop) and you start to search. In the same time the TV program continues. And you are not watching (concentrated). Would it not be cool if you could just pause and get the information on your screen? It’s possible with the celebrity tag. Instant information about each and every person on the screen. And we extended it a bit with video-in-video. You could have a look behind the scene or see the complete rehearsals. The options are unlimited and time connected, so multiple videos can be connected to each celebrity in a program.
Ever watched TV and you hear that song in the background, you know it. You just can't figure it out and it's driving you crazy. With the music option we add instantly from the Edit Decision List (EDL) the song information to the pause button. No more wondering but instant answers and an instant option for sale since we included an external link to any website.
By using the video-in-video of the celebrity we thought it might be practical to add this option separate as well. With the video information tag we are able to add multiple video’s to a time segment. Think of the instruction how to safely use that chainsaw or get more information about that church in the background. It is all possible.
And for the viewers that have no patience, we added the quick access buttons that will feature everything that is inside the content. Including the option to consult the favorite listing (connected to your user/viewer ID for easy tracking and comparing). To improve the conversion rate as you see we always learn and improve, the favorite listing is also available with a dedicated API so I can be integrated in the main website.

From simple props to bespoke multi-dimensional deals, product placement has evolved into an experience-focused proposition designed to enhance the viewing experience. 

No one has the patience for commercials anymore, and so product placement in entertainment has become more prevalent than ever before. And when done correctly, visuals or mentions of brand names within a TV show or movie can improve -- or at least, not ruin -- the viewer's experience.

There are many examples of obnoxious product placement in entertainment over the years. You would think that over time, the industry would have become smarter about these things. While this is basically true, there are still times when ads are so obvious or so intrusive that the audience is completely taken out of the experience, or that are so misplaced that it's hard to know what the writers were thinking.

Showtag has developed a new way to enhance the product placement with Showtag Enabled. Showtag Enabled is a non-intrusive way for product placement that gives the control to the viewer. By utilizing the power of the pause button! And we are even able to multiply the numerous (missed) opportunities for product placement.

Showtag Enabled is a proven technology, we integrated successfully with the Modern Times Group (MTG) platform Viafree for the television series Paradise hotel 2018. We reached over 2 million visuals and 800K+ product detail requests with a 6.2% longer program engagement

Showtag is designed to enhance the audience viewing experience, designed to allow audiences to pause video content and discover an actor’s profile, the brand of clothing or product feature as well as identify a specific song. We simply place a layer inside the video player of the broadcaster. Tagging is done using artificial intelligence (AI) and the human eye, after viewers can pause the programme for ‘showtag enabled’ which is completely integrated and measurable for broadcasters.

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