The web-based platform powering augmented video for influencers

Supercharge your videos and improve results​

Showtag is an innovative editorial platform designed to help make your videos come to life through true storytelling magic. Your ad, your TV Show, your sponsored programme, your product video, your instructional- or corporate video can be so much more than a dead end. Capitalise on your captive audience to meet your specific objectives by stimulating customers to interact with your brand right there and then – without leaving the video stream.

Showtag lets you tag products, people, places or music. You can incorporate response forms, call to actions, surveys, quizzes, banners, menus and many more elements to truly engage in a conversation with your viewers.



Stand out by creating and maintaining a truly engaged audience through additional content, more depth and response mechanisms. It has never been easier to deepen your branded communication to multiple contact moments.



Drive direct response, encourage viewer participation, improve top-of-mind recall or directly sell products through your videos.



Not only analyse viewership but also all details about how viewers interact with your content or brand which provides content creators with the tools to optimise viewership and loyalty.

Breaking out from the restrictive linear video format is liberating for the creative mind. Together, let us open up the possibilities for upgrade your content to be more engaging in a simple and intuitive way

One tool, endless possibilities

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