Designed with the viewers in mind

Showtag Enabled is developed with the users in mind. The platform is powerful, user-friendly and built using the latest technologies. Upon signing in, you will be up and running in no time, plus your output is scalable on all your platforms.

Product tagging

Tag products, people, places or music throughout your video to make them available for exploration and sales. The viewer experience does not need to get interrupted as product tags are available upon pausing videos only.

Cross promotion

Fully capitalize on your captive audience and pause moments to cross promote different content or events.

Sign up

It has never been easier to get viewers to sign up to paid subscriptions, newsletters or get in touch with you.


Fully exploit the power of your video to execute promotional activities. It is also possible to re-use videos over time to present different promotions to your audience.

Main Menu

Provide viewers with additional content and/or messages through a main menu, available when pausing a video. A menu can be either kept consistent across all videos or custom made per video.

Video in video

The ultimate way of providing viewers more depth is to offer additional videos within the video they are currently watching. There is no need for your viewers to leave the stream.

One tool, endless possibilities